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Aromatherapy Massage

When you feel tired, tense and stressed out - without necessarily being motivated to engage in a rigorous physical workout however, you're not yet in the proper frame of mind for a vigorous repeated muscle-kneeling workout, then an aromatherapy massage may be right up your alley. This massage does more than simply work on the sore spots and knots within your body. The purpose is to make use of the therapeutic properties of specific essential oils to relax and calm your mind and body so that you are able to rejuvenate yourself. The primary goal of massage therapy is to soothe and rejuvenate the patient thus why not employ the same principles of healing for your own relaxation and well-being?

Like the therapeutic advantages in massage therapy However, there are some subtle distinctions between aromatherapy massage therapy. Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils in similar ways to massage therapists make use of massage oils. It is not a good idea to consider aromatherapy massage an alternative to massage. It uses the very same routines of regular massage. There are however, different types of essential oils that are used during aromatherapy massage. Each particular oil has specific healing characteristics which complement the entire sensation of massage.

Lavender: This essential oil is the top choice for aromatherapy massage therapists due to of its relaxing and calming results. It is made using the blossoms of the plant. A few of the most well-known lavender oils that are used in aromatherapy massage include Rosemary jasmine, eucalyptus and petitgrain. Eucalyptus, which is the oil that produces the fragrance, has a intense scent, that disappears quickly when applied to the skin. The essential oil that makes the fragrance, rosemary, is antimicrobial as well as antiseptic. The oil can be utilized to treat sunburns and other skin irritations. Both jasmine and petitegrain are known as soothing ingredients. They are frequently used to lift spirits.

Clary Sage: Clary Sage is believed to be a natural method to make the body more vigorous. This is a myth. It's very hard to take the oil in because it is bitter. Many think that it has a warming effect on the body. However, this is simply a misconception. Clary sage doesn't warm the skin. Nor does it energize the body. Clary salve is employed to boost the mind and spirit that are being massaged.


carrier oils essential oils are typically diminished in carrier oils in order so that the essential oil is more accessible to the skin. The carrier oils may be utilized on a range of different areas of the body. For example, eucalyptus oil is fantastic for massaging the head and shoulders. Petitgrain oil may be utilized to massage the knees, knees, and elbows. For best outcomes, essential oils as well as carrier oils must be directly applied to the affected area.

Lavender and peppermint: Both both are wonderful to add a pleasant fragrance to the air. Aromatherapy massages may make use of oil from both plants. Peppermint is great for relieving tension and headaches, while lavender can help with rejuvenating and invigorating the skin. These oils can either be directly applied to face, or inhale using the use of a cotton swab.

Aromatherapy oils applied to your skin could result in number of different results based upon the oil you choose to use. The aromatherapy oils that are used such as rosemary or chamomile may make your skin feel energized and at ease. There are also other exotic oils that could be applied to your skin using aromatherapy techniques. Nutmeg, for example, has an antiseptic impact on burns and insect bites. Basil is beneficial for migraine sufferers who have frequent headaches.

Aromatherapy massages must be carried out using natural essential oils made out of plants. Concentrated plant scents are suitable for use. Essential oils are typically the compounds found in plants that give many health benefits.